mediteo m+

A registered medical device for increased adherence (treatment compliance)

What Is mediteo m+?

mediteo m+ is a medical device with the aim of increasing and maintaining adherence (treatment compliance). Adherence describes observance of treatment goals that have been jointly defined by the patient and doctor during the treatment process. Treatment and therapy goals should be tailored to the patient’s wishes whenever possible.
mediteo m+ offers you valuable features such as advanced analysis and a clear health report. The personal measurements and intake statistics contained there can be an important basis for discussing the course of therapy with your doctor.  As a medical device, mediteo m+ is subject to strict quality requirements.

Read more here about the features of mediteo m+.

mediteo m+ Is Suitable for You If…

  • you are receiving treatment for internal, neurological or mental illnesses
  • you want to follow the therapy or preventive measures that you have defined together with your healthcare professionals
  • you are older than 18 years old

Please read the detailed requirements for using mediteo m+ in the instructions for use in advance.

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Features of mediteo m+

Personal Health Report

Export your intake statistics and measurements as a clear PDF file. The detailed list gives you a precise insight into the individual values, while the graphical representation provides an overview of their progression.

You can also use your health report to discuss your therapy progress with your doctor.

Information About Medication

mediteo m+ offers you access to valuable medical information about your medication. mediteo m+ gets support for drug information: the app offers access to the external THERAFOX PATIENT application. This way, you will receive information on possible risks such as interactions and important information regarding the intake of your medication.

Please note that this feature is only available in Germany and in German.

Personal Goal Areas

Do you want your measurements to be within a specific range? Enter this as a “goal area” on mediteo m+ so that you can display reference values next to your actual values in the graphs.

An additional option for high blood pressure is to use a reference area according to medical guidelines, with which your blood pressure values are compared.

Dark Mode

Benefit from the advantages of the dark mode. With this setting the background appears dark and the text light. The dark mode not only saves your phone’s battery, but also reduces eye strain in dark environments. Try it out!

Subscription Models

Activate mediteo m+ easily through an in-app purchase on the mediteo app!
On the profile page in the app you will find further information about mediteo m+ and the choice between the different subscription models.