The App in Detail

Regardless of whether you suffer from asthma, COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure, or another condition, our app mediteo can help you manage your medication intake.

Add Medications and Check off Reminders

Your Medication Reminder

Let mediteo remind you of your medication intake. You’ll receive a reminder for every intake you need right on your smartphone, keeping you on top of your medications.

Add Medications Easily

Search for your medication in the database or simply scan the barcode on the package.

In Germany, the QR code of the German Federal Medication Plan (Bundesmedikationsplans, BMP) can be easily scanned and all medications can be added.

Create Your Personal Intake Plan

Create your individual intake plan, which can be tailored to your needs.
Do you like to sleep in on the weekend? No problem, with mediteo you can set different intake times for the weekend than during the week.

Confirm Your Intakes and Keep Track

Based on the intake schedule, the app creates a clear to-do list with individual icons for your medications.
Confirmed intakes are marked in green – red entries show past intakes which have not been confirmed. This way you can keep track of everything at all times.
Our snooze function allows you to flexibly postpone reminders if you ever don’t have the medication at hand.

The Most Important Information Always at Hand

Overview of Your Tablet Stock

On the stock page you can see at any time how many pills, drops or shots you have left. In addition, mediteo reminds you with notifications to reorder your medications in time.

Digital Package Leaflet

With mediteo, you always have the instruction leaflet of your medications at hand. This gives you clear access to details such as side effects or dosage.

Note on Duplicate Medication

If you add two medications that contain the same active ingredient, mediteo warns you of a possible duplicate medication. This will allow you to check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if the warning is relevant to you.

Expand Your Health Knowledge

Use the quizzes to learn interesting facts about relevant health topics. The wide range of topics, such as high blood pressure or bodily functions, is continuously expanded.

Receive Support for Your Daily Tasks

Medical Diary to Monitor Your Measurements

Document your measured values in the integrated diary, e.g.:

  • Body weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting pulse
  • Temperature
  • Blood sugar level
  • Pain
  • And many more

Having trouble remembering to measure your values regularly? Let mediteo remind you of this task as well.

Connection to Doctors and Pharmacists

Save your doctors and pharmacists in the app to always have contact details and opening hours quickly at hand. Also, be reminded of upcoming appointments.

Order Medications Online

If your pharmacy accepts email orders, mediteo will assist you in preparing your order. This way, you can request your medications from the pharmacy of your choice with just a few clicks.

No Compromises on Data Protection

No registration is necessary to use mediteo. We do not store any personal data from your app on our servers.

If you want to backup your data or synchronize it with a second device, you can optionally create a CLICKDOC Account.

More information about data protection at mediteo can be found in the app's privacy policy. Should you have any further questions on the subject of data protection, you can also contact us at any time at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.

Do you have any questions?

Our team continuously works on adapting mediteo to your wishes and needs. That's why we appreciate any feedback.