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Empowering patients and physicians every day with software that improves health and prolongs life.

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About us

As a sister company of Gotthardt Healthgroup AG (GHG), Mediteo GmbH is represented by Prof. Dr. Daniel Gotthardt. Mediteo GmbH and GHG were founded in 2015 and are jointly based in Heidelberg. Together they develop digital solutions for the healthcare industry with the aim of permanently improving healthcare in Germany and significantly promoting digitalization in the healthcare sector. As a reliable partner, GHG and Mediteo GmbH support all participants in the health market in the long term with workflows, processes and behavior. Payers, doctors, nursing staff, patients and relatives are already benefiting from these new approaches.

Our Vision

Empowering patients and physicians every day with software that improves health and prolongs life.

Our mission

We improve patients’ lives by empowering them to manage their health and adhere to their therapy, and by empowering physicians to provide the best treatment available.

We save people time and resources and enhance the relationship between patients and physicians every day. To achieve this, we transform the world’s ever-growing medical expertise and data into software.

We excite users and develop all the technology necessary. Our solutions are intelligent and adaptive, enable user autonomy and ultimately add a new dimension to healthcare and improve health and prolong patients’ lives. 

Our app mediteo makes it easier for our users to integrate their constant medication intake into their everyday lives and supports them in better managing their medication. In addition, our app is used to monitor the progress of medical values and is therefore an important component of therapy adaptation.

When developing our digital solutions, we always comply with the highest ethical standards and attach great importance to compliance with German and European data protection regulations. We believe that digitalisation should go hand in hand with data protection.

Our principles

1. Primum nihil nocere, secundum cavere, tertium sanare.– First, do no harm, second be careful, third, heal.– Fourth, make it available to everyone.

 2. Our user is our boss.– User experience and user needs are essential, but cannot come at the expense of principle 1. 

3. Strive to support our project customers’ interests.– But not at the expense of principle 1 or 2. 

4. Use software solutions as often as possible to save resources.– People’s time is too precious. 

5. Pay continuous attention to technical excellence.– Everyone is responsible for quality. 

6. Good decision-making is essential for product and business development.– Once a decision is made everything should be done to achieve the goal. 

7. Data privacy, security and integrity must be accomplished by design.– We cannot rely on the good practice or intentions of others. 

8. Be sustainable with your environment.– Be it your colleagues or nature.

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