mediteo Web

With mediteo’s web version you can manage your medication conveniently on your PC and enjoy the benefits of a larger screen. mediteo Web offers you additional functions that are not available in the smartphone app, such as displaying your medication in the timeline or searching for health information from reliable sources.

Maximum Data Protection With CLICKDOC Account

CLICKDOC provides an electronic patient record in which you can securely store your medical data in encrypted form. You have to create a CLICKDOC Account to use mediteo Web, since it serves as a user account. Your data is safely stored on your CLICKDOC Account and is directly available for your next login on mediteo Web. No additional mediteo account will be created.

Your Medication Management

Search and Add Medication

Enter the name of your medication in the search box and select your medication from our extensive database. The medication is added and you only need another click to set up your therapy plan.

Set up a Customized Therapy Plan

mediteo supports various therapy plans which you can customize to your needs. You can select simple therapy plans, such as daily intakes or a specific interval of time for your intakes. For complex therapy plans, you can select between a cyclical intake plan, a plan according to weekdays or an individual alternating schedule.

Keep the Overview

It has never been so easy to keep track of your medication. The page “My medication” in mediteo Web shows you a complete list of your current and discontinued medication. “My daily plan” is your to-do list with the planned intakes for each day, making your everyday life easier.

Graphical Overview of Your Therapy Plan

The “Timeline” function provides you with a graphical overview of the period in which you are taking a medication and on which days you have planned intakes. The timeline can be printed or exported as a PDF.

All About Your Health

Relevant Health Information

With our module “Health information”, which provides articles about various health topics, you can easily expand your knowledge about health. These articles come from renowned sources such as the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA).

Do you have any questions?

Our team continuously works on adapting mediteo to your wishes and needs. That's why we appreciate any feedback.