At present unfortunately only medication data can be synchronized via CGM LIFE. However, we are already working on extending the synchronization to other data.

You can change a measurement you previously entered by tapping the entry in the list on the “My Diary” page and changing the data. Then tap “Done”.

In order to delete a measurement value, go to the “My Diary” page and swipe the entry you would like to delete to the left. Tap “Delete” and confirm this action. Your measurement will then be deleted from your list and from the graph.

You can review your measurements of the past 7 days on the “My Diary” page as an entry in your list and on the graph. To review a different type of measurement (e.g. blood sugar level instead of blood pressure), tap the drop down menu on the “My Diary” page and select the respective measurement from the list.

In order to add a new measurement value, tap the “+” button either on the Daily page (and then select measurements) or on the Diary page. Select the measurement for which you would like to add a value from the list and enter your data. After that tap on “Done”. You can now review your measurement on the list of entries and on the graph on the “My Diary” page.

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