If you add a treatment which has the same active ingredient or the same class of active ingredient as a treatment that is already in your list, this will be shown as a warning while you are adding the treatment. On the Treatments page, the two treatments will be marked with a red icon showing two overlapping rectangles. With this icon, mediteo wants to indicate double medication so that the next time you see your doctor you can clarify whether there is a risk of overdose. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist whether these warnings are relevant to you!

You can easily scan the QR code on your Bundesmedikationsplan and set up the reminders for the treatments it contains with one click. You can access the scanner by clicking the “+” icon on the Treatments page and then tapping the barcode symbol in the top right corner of the following page.

Since 1 October 2016 you are entitled to receive a Bundesmedikationsplan if you take or apply at least three treatments with a systemic effect that are paid by the public health insurance at the same time. The application needs to be intended to last for at least 28 days. The BMP can be handed out to you by your doctor or pharmacist. Ideally it should comprise all prescription drugs as well as self-medication. It lists the active substance, dosage, the reason and advice for the intake. In addition, the paper plan has a barcode, which contains the all its information in digital form and enables scanning and updating it in the doctors’ practice, in pharmacies and hospitals.

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