There are several ways to remove a treatment from your list of current treatments: if you tap the card of the treatment on the Treatment page, then on the following page you will be able to stop your treatment by tapping “Stop medication”. This will remove the medication from your treatment list. On Android you can tap “…” in the top right corner of the Treatment page or hold down on the treatment card to mark a treatment and then remove it from your list by tapping “Stop medication” in the top right corner. On iOS you can move the card of the corresponding medication on the Treatment page to the left and confirm this action by tapping “Stop”.
When you remove a treatment all future reminders are automatically deleted. All marked intakes remain in your calendar and you can review your stopped medication on the History tab of the Treatment page.

Yes, you can change the dosage for each intake. For this purpose, tap the intake card on the Daily page and then tap “…”. After that select “Change dosage”.

To change the data for your treatments (e.g. if you would like to change the intake times), tap on the treatment card of the medication on the Treatments page. On the following page you can tap on the different fields and change all your data.

If you have set up the refill reminder (see “How do I set up refill reminders for my medication”), there are several possibilities to indicate that you have refilled your treatment:

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