If you are participating in the ARZNEIMITTELKONTO NRW project, you can use mediteo to easily access your Arzneimittelkonto. For this purpose log in to your account from the Welcome page or the Profile page using your AMK NRW credentials. All treatments prescribed by your doctor will automatically appear in your account, as well as the treatments prescribed by specialists or dispensed by pharmacists who you granted access to your account.

To disconnect your CGM LIFE account from mediteo tap the logout icon in the top right corner of the Profile page and continue using mediteo without synchronization.

The synchronization of your medication data with your CGM LIFE account takes place automatically at regular intervals or when you restart mediteo. You can also manually start the synchronization if you go to the top of the Treatments page and then pull down the page.

If you do not have a CGM LIFE account yet you can easily register for it in mediteo. Tap the CGM LIFE option on the Welcome screen or on the Profile page and then tap “Register”. You will then be guided through the necessary steps for registration.

CGM LIFE is an electronic health record, in which your encrypted medication data can be saved so that only you can access them. In order to connect mediteo with your CGM LIFE account, tap the CGM LIFE option on the Welcome page or on your Profile page and enter your CGM LIFE credentials.
The advantage of connecting mediteo with your CGM LIFE account is that medication prescribed by participating doctors or handed out by participating pharmacists can directly be shown in mediteo so that it only takes one click to set up reminders for them. In addition, you can keep track of your medication on several devices and access your data in case you lose your device or buy a new one.

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