You can assign your medications from your therapy plan to your contacts (doctors, pharmacies, others) in the network page so that you have them at hand in an organized manner depending on the contact.



Available Initially only available on iOS devices.

Appointments are reminders on the Daily which are assigned to a contact (doctor or others). You can optionally receive reminders and save notes about them.

Add (two possibilities):

Edit (two possibilities):


Through connection to several German databases, we are able to offer you a full-scale contact search in the health sector. Should your doctor or pharmacy be missing, you can add them through “Add anyway”. The data may vary due to relocations, personnel changes or organizational changes. Please contact us at [email protected] if your contact is currently no longer in the database.

You can save your contacts’ data (doctors, pharmacies, others) in the network page and always keep them at hand. You can also mark important contacts as favorites.

Add (the last two steps are only valid for German doctors and pharmacies, since mediteo offers a database of those):

Mark as favorite (only iOS):



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