A complete measurement set/all measurement values of a certain type are missing:


Individual values are not synchronized, but other measurements of this type are available:



It is currently only possible to import measurements from AppleHealth and only with an iOS device.

<br>Activate the import:

<br>Display of imported values:

<br>Deactivate/edit/reactivate the import:

<br>Currently available only for mediteo on iOS from version 4.8.0.

mediteo offers you the CSV export. In mediteo m+ you also have a concise PDF export available.


<br>Please note that only version 4.14.0 or higher can create the export from the Daily schedule.

mediteo allows you to be also reminded of your measurements. These work exactly like the intake reminders.

<br>Activate / Deactivate:

<br>Edit (2 possibilities):

mediteo allows you to add and monitor a variety of measurements:

<br>Add (3 possibilities):




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