If you are not able to take your medication at the scheduled time or if you want to reschedule it, you can snooze it as long as necessary.

<br>Snooze (2 possibilities, only for current planned intakes):

<br>Reschedule (for intakes in the future):

We summarize all intakes which are due at the same time. This gives you a better overview and you can select all intakes with a click to mark these all e.g. as taken or to postpone their intake with the Snooze function. As an alternative, you can of course also handle every intake individually by tapping on the corresponding intake card.

mediteo summarizes for you the most important statistics directly on your Daily:


Starting from version 3.0.0, mediteo identifies your intakes automatically as “missed” with a red exclamation point if you do not mark them as “taken” or “skipped” within an hour of the set intake time. This helps you maintain a clear overview on which treatments you took and which you did not. In case you took your medication and only forgot to log this on mediteo, you can of course confirm missed intakes afterwards by tapping on the exclamation mark. This way you can specify when you took your medication.  

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