mediteo does not currently offer any specific app for Smart Watches. You can however receive reminders on the AppleWatch and directly confirm your intakes. You have to grant the authorizations on your WatchApp, not on mediteo. (More information about this on the Apple website

Currently, reminders always pop up at the same local time of the day. This means that your morning intake at 9:00 pops up in New York at 9:00 local time as well. Please verify your times and their accuracy.

mediteo uses a short, discreet standard sound for all reminders. You can however customize this.


Change (sound):

Change (volume):

mediteo shows by default the names of the medication in the reminder so that you save time and effort. This way you will receive all information without having to open the app. If you are more concerned about privacy, you can of course customize this:


If you generally do not receive reminders or these are only sent when the app is open, this is mainly due to the following wrong settings:



Battery Optimization causes notifications to not always work. Should you use a Samsung or Huawei, this is probably the reason. Unfortunately these systems are very different, so that we cannot describe exactly where the option is located. Important: on every Android there are at least 2 settings, and mostly some which cannot be managed in mediteo. Not all these steps have to apply for your Android:

Specifically for Samsung:

Specifically for Huawei:

Specifically for Xiaomi:

If none of the above-mentioned steps result in functioning reminders, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

If you think you receive too many reminders, check the following settings:

If you think you do not receive enough reminders, check the following settings:

If none of the above-mentioned steps result in functioning reminders, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

No, all reminders are stored on mediteo. As long as you granted mediteo the access to your notifications (iOS) or the authorization to ignore your battery optimization (Android), you will also receive reminders when the app is closed or you are not connected to the internet.

mediteo sends you different reminders depending on different settings, which open the app on the right page when you tap on it. Moreover, most of the reminders offer direct actions which are frequently used. You can go to these direct actions by swiping the reminder to the left (iOS) or to the bottom (Android).

Intake reminder:

Refill reminder:

Appointment reminder:

Measurement reminder:


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