mediteo offers you the CSV export. In mediteo m+ you can also use the concise PDF export.


<br>Please note that a detailed export of the intakes is only possible from version 4.14.0 and the export can be created from the Daily schedule.

When adding or editing your treatments, you can choose any time you prefer. The times in the settings are just standard values which are automatically suggested for medication and when scanning a BMP. If you want to set up different times for your medication, you can just ignore these suggestions.

mediteo offers you a PDF export of your medication plan. To protect medical data from unauthorized access, you can assign a password when creating a PDF.





mediteo sends you warning notifications which are shown on the treatments page. The following notifications are possible:

mediteo can read the 2D-Barcode on your Bundesmedikationsplan to transfer your data automatically. Versions up to v2.6. are supported.




Since the 1st October 2016 you are entitled to a federal medication plan if you take or use at least three treatments at the same time, the use of which is intended for a period of at least 28 days. The medication plan can be handed out to you from your doctor or pharmacist. It should contain all treatments available on prescription and self-medication. Active substances, dosage, reason for intake, and other indications about the intake are specified there as well.

Moreover, a 2D-bar code is displayed on the printed medication plan. You can scan it in mediteo and transfer all of your treatments safely and easily to the app. 

The package information is called patient information leaflet in mediteo and it is available for most of the medication from our database. Please note that it does not correspond 1:1 to the printed package information.

The leaflet will also be directly shown when adding a new treatment in the corresponding step.In case of medication added through free text, this step will be skipped and the Package tab will not be available.

mediteo allows you to add information (notes) to a treatment. This information will also be printed when exported and shown in the Daily. Moreover, pictures can be added as icons. On iOS you can also view these icons as a large image.


Add pictures:

Edit pictures:

Remove pictures:

You can also modify information and pictures directly in the same way when setting up a new treatment in the corresponding step.

On mediteo you can add any medication in order to receive the corresponding reminders, monitor your current supply and always keep clear, relevant information quickly at hand at all times.

Add (two possibilities):

Edit (only current medication, two possibilities):

Stop medication (only current medication, two (iOS three) possibilities):

Delete (only stopped medication):

mediteo can remind you to get a new prescription or a new package of your medication. To do this, you have to manage the remaining quantity:

Reminder on/off:

Edit the remaining supply (two possibilities):

The supply and the reminder can be directly edited in the same way in the corresponding step when setting up a new treatment.
The remaining supply and the estimated remaining days will be shown on the Detail page of the medication and on the expanded intake card on your daily. The remaining quantity of your medication will automatically be updated as soon as you mark an intake.

You will find all intakes in your Daily. There you can confirm them, but also edit them individually and adjust the right time and dosage. You can also adjust past intakes afterwards and set future intakes in a flexible way.

<br>Add (two possibilities):

Edit (only intakes which are not marked in green):

Delete (only intakes which are not marked in green):

Should you receive no suggestions when typing the name of your medication, you have the possibility to add the medication manually. To do this, tap on the option “Add it anyway”, which will directly appear below the search bar. You can also contact us at [email protected] if your medication or the required settings for it are not available. Please note however that we currently have only German, Italian and French medication in our database.

mediteo allows you to add any kind of treatment. Whether prescribed medication or a simple reminder to drink enough water – this is completely up to you. For the medication saved in our database, we set up an automatic recognition. As soon as you type the name of the medication you want to add, the available hits will be suggested, so that you can easily and quickly choose the right one. You can also of course add your own treatments, if for example they are not available in the database or if they require individual specifications.

There are no limits to the number of treatments you can add.

mediteo offers you a wide range of possibilities. You can enter most of them directly when adding the medication (see How can I add/edit/stop/delete my medication?). You will find a few in the Tab Treatments after adding the treatments.

The following information must be specified:

We also offer the following optional possibilities:

You can resume any stopped treatment. A copy is created in this process, and the stopped entry is therefore retained for your documentation. This way you can also temporarily pause treatments and resume them later.

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