If you are generally unable to log in, this may be due to several reasons:

If the synchronization always fails, this may be due to several reasons:

For security reasons, you have to log in regularly to your CGM LIFE account. By default, you will need to log in once a day. If you prefer, you can activate the option “Keep me signed in for 30 days”, so that you will need to enter your password only once every 30 days. This is how it works: 

This option only works if your device is protected with a password, pattern, Touch ID or Face ID. If your device is not protected yet, please set up a protection in your device’s settings. 

Starting from version 4.11.0, many of the CGM LIFE settings can be edited directly on mediteo. 

<br>If you have access to your CGM LIFE account with your current password but want to change it: 

In case you forgot your password and want to reset it: 

If you are logged in with an account (CGM LIFE or AMK), a backup will automatically be created at regular intervals. You can change this setting as desired. A backup is a copy of all data. Currently only iOS backups can be restored on iOS and only Android backups can be restored on Android.



Your account is stored in the profile section in mediteo. Currently you can only be logged in with one account at a time.

Log in:

Log out:

You can manage your CGM LIFE account directly in the “Profile” section of mediteo. If you have a CGM LIFE account, your data (e.g. name, date of birth, …) will be transferred to your profile in mediteo.


Edit personal data:

Edit e-mail address: 


If you take part in the ARZNEIMITTELKONTO (AMK) NRW project, you can use mediteo to easily access your personal Arzneimittelkonto. To do this, log in with your AMK credentials on the Welcome page or Profile page. All treatments prescribed by your family doctor will automatically be assigned to your account, as well as all treatments prescribed by specialists or handed out by pharmacists to whom you granted access to your account.

On the profile page you have the possibility to specify your name and birthday and upload a profile picture. If you logged in with an account, this will be used for your profile information.


Edit (if not logged in):


If you are logged in with an account (CGM LIFE or AMK), the synchronization takes place automatically at regular intervals or whenever you restart mediteo. You can also manually start the synchronization (on the page Treatments → Scroll all the way to the top → Pull down to refresh).

Please note that only treatments, profile and network can currently be synchronized. My Diary values can be synchronised starting from version 4.12.0. All personal data about intakes and measurements will remain on the device. We suggest that you pick a device on which you manage your intakes and measurements.

In case complete synchronization is a function which you think cannot be missing, let us know by sending us a message through the Contact Us form in the app or to [email protected].

CGM is an electronic health record, in which your medical data is saved cryptographically, so that only you can access it.

The user is not required to create a specific mediteo account, but can use mediteo in combination with this electronic health record.

The advantage of connecting mediteo with your CGM LIFE account is that medication prescribed by participating doctors or handed out by participating pharmacists is directly shown in mediteo, so that it takes just one click to set up the corresponding reminders. In addition, you can keep track of your medication on several devices and access your data in case you lose your device or buy a new one – all this without any compromise on your privacy.

No, you neither have to create an account, nor specify any personal data in your profile. The profile section allows you however to personalize mediteo. An account has also further advantages such as synchronization and backup.

In both cases, no personal data from your account or profile will of course be stored in mediteo.

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