You can support mediteo and the development of the app by purchasing the medical device mediteo m+ (read more in section 2. mediteo m+) or by supporting mediteo by paying a lower amount monthly or as a one-time payment, thereby purchasing the dark mode for a certain period of time.

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In addition to general security measures like locking your smartphone, you can protect mediteo with an additional authentication. If activated, mediteo will ask for your Touch ID/Face ID/Pin every time you open it.

No, mediteo can neither make a diagnosis nor give advice about medication and dosage. Should you have any doubts, we recommend that you always contact a doctor or pharmacist.

No, mediteo and all its basic functions are free of charge. However, in some countries you can also purchase the mediteo m+ medical device through an in-app purchase. If you would like to support mediteo, you can do so within the app (“More” → “Support mediteo”) and purchase access to the dark mode for a certain period of time.

Your feedback is crucial to us, as it allows mediteo to be of even greater help in the future. In case you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, or if you encountered a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or through the Contact Us form in the app under More → Contact us → Submit.

We look forward to your feedback!

If you want to get more involved, you can register as a product tester at [email protected]

For data protection reasons, all mediteo data are encrypted. Thus, most backup methods will not work.

Android: System-specific or Google backups cannot restore mediteo’s medical data! Please use a CGM LIFE account with a backup.

iOS:  iCloud backups cannot restore mediteo’s medical data! Please use a CGM LIFE account with a backup or the encrypted iTunes backup. When using iTunes, please make sure to set up a Touch ID or PassCode or to use a password when doing a backup. In accordance to Apple’s security measures, the encryption key to restore our medical data will otherwise not be transferred.

Set up a backup with a CGM LIFE account

To learn how to set up a backup with a CGM LIFE account and restore data on another smartphone, refer to the section “CGM LIFE and AMK” → “How can I create a backup in my account/restore a backup from my account?”

mediteo is a free medication manager app for iOS, Android and web with the aim of helping you take your medication correctly. The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play Store. We want to help you stay on top of your medication: in just a few steps you can set up your personal medication and their intake times, so that you will be reminded of your intakes on time. Thanks to an integrated leaflet you will also have all important information about your medication, as long as they are included in our medication database.

Your data protection is our top priority and core value. Your data is only transmitted in encrypted and anonymized form to our servers, so that it is not possible for us to associate a user with specific medication from our database. If you have any other questions about data security, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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