Mediteo GmbH and its employees do not have any access to your sensitive data nor to your medications or diseases. 

In order to support you in your therapy, mediteo offers you convenient features and encourages you through motivational messages when you achieve small successes. The selection of the suggested content is done locally on your smartphone, therefore we do not have any access to your sensitive data. 

All the news you receive can be seen under “More” in “My news”. 

You can activate and deactivate notifications about the news you receive at any time: 

mediteo suggests app features and contents which might be useful for you in the section “More” in “My news”. In addition, notifications and banners will inform you about news which might be of interest to you. It is possible to activate and deactivate these notifications. 

Activate/deactivate notifications about news you have received:

Please read the FAQs in the section “valuable information” to find out why you receive certain news in mediteo. 

Available from iOS 4.6.0 and Android 4.6.0

Quizzes in the section Did you know …? are assigned to different levels of difficulty (indicated by the number of stars). You always have to answer the easier questions on a topic before the complex content can be unlocked.

In addition, our medical team is constantly working to expand this area with new topics. It is therefore possible for quizzes to be added, changed, or removed over time. Do you think that an important area is missing or do you have ideas about which topics our doctors should put together for you next? Then just write to us at [email protected].

If no quizzes are displayed at all (or the section is completely missing), check your mediteo version and restart the app. If this does not help, please contact us via [email protected].

Available on iOS from version 4.6.0 and on Android from version 4.6.0

A successful therapy also requires understanding. In the “Did you know…?” section we therefore provide useful information about the most common diseases, medication and therapies which was collected and published by our doctors. This knowledge is presented in the form of short quizzes that you can take as often as you like. Your best result will be saved. If you prefer to read only the facts, we also offer informative pages on each topic.

Try the quiz:

View the information page:

Our medical team regularly summarizes for you the current provisions and information on Covid-19 in Germany. You can find this summary online at or directly in the app:

Visit the blog:

This information is only available in German.

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

Please note that your subscription is linked to your Apple ID or your Google account. You pay only once for Android or iOS, no matter how many devices you use. If you want to use mediteo m+ on both operating systems, you will need to buy mediteo m+ twice (iOS and Android).

Please note: simply uninstalling mediteo m+ does not end your subscription on Apple or Google. You will have to unsubscribe separately (see delete the subscription to mediteo m+).

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

You can try mediteo m+ for free for 2 weeks. After that you can choose between two plans:

Exact prices may slightly vary due to Apple or Google and depending on your country.

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

mediteo m+ is an in-app purchase, which you can directly make on mediteo. It is a subscription which is managed automatically from Apple or Google. The subscription will automatically be renewed unless it is cancelled.




Further information about the cancellation:

You can find further information on Apple ( and Google (

Yes, mediteo m+ is currently available as a medical product only in Germany. You can use the basic version mediteo in other languages or countries. Unfortunately this does not hold true for the medical device mediteo m+ yet.edical device mediteo m+ yet.

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

With the purchase of mediteo m+ you will not only support your health, you will also contribute to the further development of mediteo m+. If you would like to become even more engaged, please send us your ideas for improvement at [email protected] or register as a product tester at [email protected]

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

Through the export symbol on the top right of “My Diary”, you will have the possibility to export your intakes and measurements as a graph or a table. To do this, simply follow the questions in the app. The export automatically summarizes your data and intakes depending on the period, so that you or your doctor can obtain the following information at a glance:

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

You can switch to a dark layout by clicking on More → Settings → “Dark” or “Automatic” display. In the automatic mode mediteo m+ adapts to your smartphone. Please note that the dark mode will only be available starting from iOS 13 and Android 9.

Initially only available on iOS devices.

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

In My Diary you have the possibility to enter goal areas, which are represented in the diagram and the PDF Export.


For blood pressure measurements, we also offer our orientation areas based on the age you specified in your profile and on recommendations from European guidelines. These are shown automatically (on iOS before version 4.6.0) or can be activated (on iOS from version 4.6.0). Since there are several factors which can play a role, these areas can differ from your actual target value. The adjustment of blood pressure should always take place individually with your doctor. You will find more information on mediteo m+ by clicking on the banner over the graph.

The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

THERAFOX is a separate medical device which is only available in Germany. You can access it through the button at the bottom of your list of treatments (tab “Treatments”). In a THERAFOX check you will receive the following information about the treatments in your therapy plan:

In addition, you could receive advice on the following topics:

Please note: the THERAFOX check can only be carried out with active internet connection and only checks treatments from the database (so no treatments which were added manually through free text).

You can assign your medications from your therapy plan to your contacts (doctors, pharmacies, others) in the network page so that you have them at hand in an organized manner depending on the contact.



Available Initially only available on iOS devices.

Appointments are reminders on the Daily which are assigned to a contact (doctor or others). You can optionally receive reminders and save notes about them.

Add (two possibilities):

Edit (two possibilities):


Through connection to several German databases, we are able to offer you a full-scale contact search in the health sector. Should your doctor or pharmacy be missing, you can add them through “Add anyway”. The data may vary due to relocations, personnel changes or organizational changes. Please contact us at [email protected] if your contact is currently no longer in the database.

You can save your contacts’ data (doctors, pharmacies, others) in the network page and always keep them at hand. You can also mark important contacts as favorites.

Add (the last two steps are only valid for German doctors and pharmacies, since mediteo offers a database of those):

Mark as favorite (only iOS):



It is currently only possible to import measurements from AppleHealth and only with an iOS device.

Activate the import:

Display of imported values:

Deactivate/edit/reactivate the import:

Currently available only for mediteo on iOS from version 4.8.0.

mediteo offers you a CSV export. With mediteo m+, a PDF export is also available.

mediteo allows you to be also reminded of your measurements. These work exactly like the intake reminders.

Activate / Deactivate:

Edit (2 possibilities):

If you are not able to take your medication at the scheduled time or if you want to reschedule it, you can snooze it as long as necessary.

Snooze (2 possibilities, only for current planned intakes):

Reschedule (for intakes in the future):

We summarize all intakes which are due at the same time. This gives you a better overview and you can select all intakes with a click to mark these all e.g. as taken or to postpone their intake with the Snooze function. As an alternative, you can of course also handle every intake individually by tapping on the corresponding intake card.

mediteo summarizes for you the most important statistics directly on your Daily:

Starting from version 3.0.0, mediteo identifies your intakes automatically as “missed” with a red exclamation point if you do not mark them as “taken” or “skipped” within an hour of the set intake time. This helps you maintain a clear overview on which treatments you took and which you did not. In case you took your medication and only forgot to log this on mediteo, you can of course confirm missed intakes afterwards by tapping on the exclamation mark. This way you can specify when you took your medication.  

mediteo does not currently offer any specific app for Smart Watches. You can however receive reminders on the AppleWatch and directly confirm your intakes. You have to grant the authorizations on your WatchApp, not on mediteo. (More information about this on the Apple website

Currently, reminders always pop up at the same local time of the day. This means that your morning intake at 9:00 pops up in New York at 9:00 local time as well. Please verify your times and their accuracy.

mediteo uses a short, discreet standard sound for all reminders. You can however customize this.


Change (sound):

Change (volume):

mediteo shows by default the names of the medication in the reminder so that you save time and effort. This way you will receive all information without having to open the app. If you are more concerned about privacy, you can of course customize this:


If you generally do not receive reminders or these are only sent when the app is open, this is mainly due to the following wrong settings:



Battery Optimization causes notifications to not always work. Should you use a Samsung or Huawei, this is probably the reason. Unfortunately these systems are very different, so that we cannot describe exactly where the option is located. Important: on every Android there are at least 2 settings, and mostly some which cannot be managed in mediteo. Not all these steps have to apply for your Android:

Specifically for Samsung:

Specifically for Huawei:

Specifically for Xiaomi:

If none of the above-mentioned steps result in functioning reminders, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

If you think you receive too many reminders, check the following steps:

Moreover, the following applies to Android devices:

Moreover, the following applies to iOS devices:

If you think you do not receive enough reminders, check the following settings:

Moreover, the following applies to iOS devices:

If none of the above-mentioned steps result in functioning reminders, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

No, all reminders are stored on mediteo. As long as you granted mediteo the access to your notifications (iOS) or the authorization to ignore your battery optimization (Android), you will also receive reminders when the app is closed or you are not connected to the internet.

mediteo sends you different reminders depending on different settings, which open the app on the right page when you tap on it. Moreover, most of the reminders offer direct actions which are frequently used. The following is a detailed explanation of how reminders work for iOS and Android operating systems.


Intake reminder:

Recurring reminders: 

Refill reminder:

Appointment reminder:

Measurement reminder:


Intake reminder:

Recurring reminders: 

Refill reminder:

Appointment reminder:

Measurement reminder:


When adding or editing your treatments, you can choose any time you prefer. The times in the settings are just standard values which are automatically suggested for medication and when scanning a BMP. If you want to set up different times for your medication, you can just ignore these suggestions.

mediteo offers you a PDF export of your medication plan. To protect medical data from unauthorized access, you can assign a password when creating a PDF.



mediteo sends you warning notifications which are shown on the treatments page. The following notifications are possible:

mediteo can read the 2D-Barcode on your Bundesmedikationsplan to transfer your data automatically. Versions up to v2.6. are supported.




Since the 1st October 2016 you are entitled to a federal medication plan if you take or use at least three treatments at the same time, the use of which is intended for a period of at least 28 days. The medication plan can be handed out to you from your doctor or pharmacist. It should contain all treatments available on prescription and self-medication. Active substances, dosage, reason for intake, and other indications about the intake are specified there as well.

Moreover, a 2D-bar code is displayed on the printed medication plan. You can scan it in mediteo and transfer all of your treatments safely and easily to the app. 

The package information is called patient information leaflet in mediteo and it is available for most of the medication from our database. Please note that it does not correspond 1:1 to the printed package information.

The leaflet will also be directly shown when adding a new treatment in the corresponding step.In case of medication added through free text, this step will be skipped and the Package tab will not be available.

mediteo allows you to add information (notes) to a treatment. This information will also be printed when exported and shown in the Daily.
Moreover, pictures can be added as icons. On iOS you can also view these icons as a large image.


Add pictures:

Edit pictures:

Remove pictures:

You can also modify information and pictures directly in the same way when setting up a new treatment in the corresponding step.

If you are generally unable to log in, this may be due to several reasons:

If the synchronization always fails, this may be due to several reasons:

For security reasons, you have to log in regularly to your CGM LIFE account. By default, you will need to log in once a day. If you prefer, you can activate the option “Keep me signed in for 30 days”, so that you will need to enter your password only once every 30 days. This is how it works: 

This option only works if your device is protected with a password, pattern, Touch ID or Face ID. If your device is not protected yet, please set up a protection in your device’s settings. 

You cannot directly change your password in mediteo. You can change it directly on CGM LIFE ( you forgot your password you can also reset it there. If however you had not created a SUPER-PIN, no one will be able to access the data for security reasons and you will at most be able to reset the whole account. 

If you are logged in with an account (CGM LIFE or AMK), a backup will automatically be created at regular intervals. You can change this setting as desired. A backup is a copy of all data. Currently only iOS backups can be restored on iOS and only Android backups can be restored on Android.



The medical device mediteo m+ is currently only available in Germany and only in German.

Yes. All features from the basic version are also available in mediteo m+. Therefore all FAQ entries for the basic version are also valid for mediteo m+.

Your account is stored in the profile section in mediteo. Currently you can only be logged in with one account at a time.

Log in:

Log out:

Your account is stored in the profile section in mediteo. If you have an account, this will be used automatically as profile.




If you take part in the ARZNEIMITTELKONTO (AMK) NRW project, you can use mediteo to easily access your personal Arzneimittelkonto. To do this, log in with your AMK credentials on the Welcome page or Profile page. All treatments prescribed by your family doctor will automatically be assigned to your account, as well as all treatments prescribed by specialists or handed out by pharmacists to whom you granted access to your account.

In addition to general security measures like locking your smartphone, you can protect mediteo with an additional authentication. If activated, mediteo will ask for your Touch ID/Face ID/Pin every time you open it.

On the profile page you have the possibility to specify your name and birthday and upload a profile picture. If you logged in with an account, this will be used for your profile information.


Edit (if not logged in):


No, mediteo can neither make a diagnosis nor give advice about medication and dosage. Should you have any doubts, we recommend that you always contact a doctor or pharmacist.

mediteo allows you to add and monitor a variety of measurements:


Add (3 possibilities):




On mediteo you can add any medication in order to receive the corresponding reminders, monitor your current supply and always keep clear, relevant information quickly at hand at all times.

Add (two possibilities):

Edit (only current medication, two possibilities):

Stop medication (only current medication, two (iOS three) possibilities):

Delete (only stopped medication):

No, mediteo and all basic functions are free of charge. You can however purchase (in Germany) the medical device mediteo m+ through in-app purchase.

If you are logged in with an account (CGM LIFE or AMK), the synchronization takes place automatically at regular intervals or whenever you restart mediteo. You can also manually start the synchronization (on the page Treatments → Scroll all the way to the top → Pull down to refresh).


Please note that only treatments, profile and network can currently be synchronized. All personal data about intakes and measurements will remain on the device. We suggest that you pick a device on which you manage your intakes and measurements.


In case complete synchronization is a function which you think cannot be missing, let us know by sending us a message through the Contact Us form in the app or to [email protected].

CGM is an electronic health record, in which your medical data is saved cryptographically, so that only you can access it.

The user is not required to create a specific mediteo account, but can use mediteo in combination with this electronic health record.

The advantage of connecting mediteo with your CGM LIFE account is that medication prescribed by participating doctors or handed out by participating pharmacists is directly shown in mediteo, so that it takes just one click to set up the corresponding reminders. In addition, you can keep track of your medication on several devices and access your data in case you lose your device or buy a new one – all this without any compromise on your privac

mediteo can remind you to get a new prescription or a new package of your medication. To do this, you have to manage the remaining quantity:

Reminder on/off:

Edit the remaining supply (two possibilities):

The supply and the reminder can be directly edited in the same way in the corresponding step when setting up a new treatment.
The remaining supply and the estimated remaining days will be shown on the Detail page of the medication and on the expanded intake card on your daily. The remaining quantity of your medication will automatically be updated as soon as you mark an intake.

Your feedback is crucial to us, as it allows mediteo to be of even greater help in the future. In case you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, or if you encountered a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or through the Contact Us form in the app under More → Contact us → Submit.

We look forward to your feedback!

If you want to get more involved, you can register as a product tester at [email protected]

For data protection reasons, all mediteo data are encrypted. Thus, most backup methods will not work.

Android: System-specific or Google backups cannot restore mediteo’s medical data! Please use a CGM LIFE account with a backup.


iOS:  iCloud backups cannot restore mediteo’s medical data! Please use a CGM LIFE account with a backup or the encrypted iTunes backup. When using iTunes, please make sure to set up a Touch ID or PassCode or to use a password when doing a backup. In accordance to Apple’s security measures, the encryption key to restore our medical data will otherwise not be transferred.

Set up a backup with a CGM LIFE account

To learn how to set up a backup with a CGM LIFE account and restore data on another smartphone, refer to the section “CGM LIFE and AMK” → “How can I create a backup in my account/restore a backup from my account?”

No, you neither have to create an account, nor specify any personal data in your profile. The profile section allows you however to personalize mediteo. An account has also further advantages such as synchronization and backup.


In both cases, no personal data from your account or profile will of course be stored in mediteo.

You will find all intakes in your Daily. There you can confirm them, but also edit them individually and adjust the right time and dosage. You can also adjust past intakes afterwards and set future intakes in a flexible way.

Add (two possibilities):

Edit (only intakes which are not marked in green):

Delete (only intakes which are not marked in green):

Should you receive no suggestions when typing the name of your medication, you have the possibility to add the medication manually. To do this, tap on the option “Add it anyway”, which will directly appear below the search bar. You can also contact us at [email protected] if your medication or the required settings for it are not available. Please note however that we currently have only German and Italian medication in our database.

mediteo allows you to add any kind of treatment. Whether prescribed medication or a simple reminder to drink enough water – this is completely up to you. For the medication saved in our database, we set up an automatic recognition. As soon as you type the name of the medication you want to add, the available hits will be suggested, so that you can easily and quickly choose the right one. You can also of course add your own treatments, if for example they are not available in the database or if they require individual specifications.

There are no limits to the number of treatments you can add.

mediteo offers you a wide range of possibilities. You can enter most of them directly when adding the medication (see How can I add/edit/stop/delete my medication?). You will find a few in the Tab Treatments after adding the treatments.

The following information must be specified:

We also offer the following optional possibilities:

You can resume any stopped treatment. A copy is created in this process, and the stopped entry is therefore retained for your documentation. This way you can also temporarily pause treatments and resume them later.

mediteo is a free medication manager app for iOS, Android and web with the aim of helping you take your medication correctly. The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play Store. We want to help you stay on top of your medication: in just a few steps you can set up your personal medication and their intake times, so that you will be reminded of your intakes on time. Thanks to an integrated leaflet you will also have all important information about your medication, as long as they are included in our medication database.

Your data protection is our top priority and core value. Your data is only transmitted in encrypted and anonymized form to our servers, so that it is not possible for us to associate a user with specific medication from our database. If you have any other questions about data security, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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