What do I need to consider if I bought a new iPhone and would like to transfer mediteo to it?

16. April 2018

To ensure highest data security, all mediteo data is encrypted and the encryption key is kept inside Keychain (protected storage of the operating system for sensitive data). If you conduct an unencrypted backup of the data from your iPhone without using TouchID or PassCode, due to Apple’s security guidelines contents of Keychain, including the encryption key, are not included into the backup. If you now transfer your data to a new device, the encryption key will not be transferred along with it. Therefore, mediteo will not be able to decrypt your data on the new device and thus it either will not be able to open, or will recreate an internal encrypted storage from scratch. In either case no data from the previous app installation will be available. Therefore, please ensure to set up TouchID or PassCode on your device or provide a password when you do a backup. You can also save your medication data in a CGM LIFE account and log in to your account on the new device (see “What is CGM LIFE?”).

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