How do I set up refill reminders for my medication?

30. November 2017

mediteo can remind you when it is time to get a new prescription or buy a new package of your medication. For this purpose, when adding medication to your list, set the toggle button on the “Refill Reminder” screen to On and enter how many days in advance and at what time you would like to receive the refill reminder. Then enter the remaining amount for your medication. Once you have added your treatment, the remaining amount and the remaining days will be displayed on the detail page for this treatment and on the expanded intake card on your Daily Page.

If you would like to switch the refill reminder on or off or change its settings later, please tap on the treatment card on the “Treatments” page and on the following page tap on “Tap here to set refill reminder”.

The remaining amount of your medication is automatically updated when you mark an intake. Hence please make sure to carefully track your intakes so that the remaining amount can be calculated correctly.

Once the remaining number of days has reached the threshold defined by you, the remaining amount will be shown in red on your Daily Page and on the details page of the corresponding treatment and you will receive a notification that it is time to refill your medication at the time you chose. Choose the option “Remind me tomorrow” if you would like to receive another notification on the following day.

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