8-01 How can I add/edit/delete my contacts (doctors, pharmacies)?

25. March 2021

You can save your contacts’ data (doctors, pharmacies, others) in the network page and always keep them at hand. You can also mark important contacts as favorites.

Add (the last two steps are only valid for German doctors and pharmacies, since mediteo offers a database of those):

  • Network → “Plus” symbol (iOS top right, Android bottom right) → Select type → Insert search term (Name or address) → Select contact (or “Add anyway”)

Mark as favorite (only iOS):

  • Network → Select contact → “Star” symbol (top right)


  • Network → Select contact → “Edit” symbol (top right)


  • (Only on iOS) Network → Swipe contact to the left
  • (Only on Android) Network → Press and hold the contact → “Bin” symbol (top right)
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