8-05 How can I (re)order my medication?

9. March 2022

On mediteo you have the possibility to create a list of all the treatments you want to order and which you can simply send by email to one of your pharmacies from the “Network” section. When you create an order list, you can also take a photo of your (electronic) prescription and send it along with your order. 

As long as your pharmacy offers a home delivery service, you can select this option in your order so that your medication can be delivered directly to your home. 

Please note that the order is generated by mediteo and sent via your mailbox. In this process your data will not be encrypted by mediteo. Therefore, make sure you know exactly who you are sending the order data to.

Create and send the list of treatments to be ordered: 

  • Network → Select pharmacy → Orders → New order → “Take prescription photo” or “Skip” and choose medication (you do not need to select medication individually if a prescription photo is uploaded) → “Add item” or “Continue” → Enter order data → “Continue” → The order will be opened as an email so that it can be sent to your pharmacy

After you have sent your order via e-mail, you can view the order details in the “Orders” section of the respective pharmacy. Any changes made to the order in your email program will not be visible in mediteo. Please check your inbox for the status of your order or to see if you have received a reply from the pharmacy. If you would like to cancel your order or if you have any questions regarding your order, please contact your pharmacy directly by phone or e-mail. 

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