7-04 How can I synchronize my measurements (AppleHealth, GoogleFit, CGM LIFE…)?

25. March 2021

It is currently only possible to import measurements from AppleHealth and only with an iOS device.

Activate the import:

  • More → Settings → Apple Health → Allow mediteo to access the values you want to import or tap on “Activate all categories”.
  • If you do not find all values in this list, it could be due to the fact that some do not correspond to the scale of measurement used by mediteo and could not therefore be imported.
  • In order to import certain measurements, it is sometimes necessary to activate other related measurements as well: for example, the import of blood pressure measurements is only possible by activating the import of diastolic and systolic pressure. If you also wish to import your exercise data, you must activate the import for both the “Activity” and the “Exercise Minutes” entries. 

Display of imported values:

  • All imported values can automatically be displayed in a graph with the values which had been entered directly in mediteo.
  • All imported values can be displayed in the list as well and can be recognized by the Apple symbol. However, they cannot be edited in mediteo.

Deactivate/edit/reactivate the import:

  • System settings → Health → Data access and devices → mediteo → deactivate measurements OR
  • Open AppleHealth → Profile symbol → Privacy → Apps → mediteo → Deactivate measurements
  • If you deactivate the import again, all measurements which had been imported will be deleted from mediteo again.

Currently available only for mediteo on iOS from version 4.8.0.

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