7-05 Why are my measurements/values not synchronized?

31. August 2022

A complete measurement set/all measurement values of a certain type are missing:

  • mediteo does not support all types of measurements. For example, blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, peak flow and many others are available. Measurements that are not yet supported by mediteo will not be displayed, even if the measurements are available in your CGM LIFE account. If you would like to use other types of measurements in mediteo, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with your suggestion.

Individual values are not synchronized, but other measurements of this type are available:

  • It may be that individual values contain too little or incorrect information. These are not displayed in mediteo to avoid errors. If this is the case, check the missing values in the app in which they were originally entered and perform the synchronization again.


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