4-12 What do the orange/red symbols on my treatment mean and how can I solve this problem?

25. March 2021

mediteo sends you warning notifications which are shown on the treatments page. The following notifications are possible:

  • Red banner “Input required”: you have treatments whose data are incomplete or have been modified.
    → Tap on the banner to view it and complete the missing information or confirm the changes.
  • Orange symbol “Duplicate”: you have at least another treatment with a different active substance but the same class of active substance in your list.
  • Red symbol “Duplicate”: you have at least another treatment with the same active substance in your list.
    → With these symbols, mediteo wants to warn about duplicate medication. Ask your doctor or pharmacist whether these warnings could be relevant for you!
  • Red symbol “Refill”: the remaining supply of this treatment is running low.
    → Refill your supply and enter this information on mediteo in the refill reminder tab of the medication.
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