4-11 How can I add/edit/stop/remove a bundeseinheitlichen Medikationsplan (BMP)?

25. March 2021

mediteo can read the 2D-Barcode on your Bundesmedikationsplan to transfer your data automatically. Versions up to v2.6. are supported.


  • Treatments → “Plus” symbol (iOS top right, Android bottom right) → Scan barcode → Scan BMP → Add


  • Treatments → BMP → Tap on BMP


  • It is not directly possible to change or delete the BMP itself. Of course you can edit or stop the treatments. The BMP itself (and the 2D-Barcode) will however not be modified.
  • If you receive a new BMP you have to stop the treatments from the old one, since there is no connection between BMPs. This means that treatments will appear twice in your list if you don’t stop the medication of the old version.
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