3-09 How can I change or reset my password?

25. March 2021

If you can access your CGM LIFE account with your current password, but want to change your password:

  • When you are logged in using your CGM LIFE account → “Profile” icon (top left) → CGM LIFE Security Settings → Change Password

If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it:

  • “Profile” icon (top left) → Connect → Enter email address → “Forgot password “
  • Depending on which access protection you have selected in advance, you may also be asked for a super pin (highest protection).
  • Afterwards, you will receive a password change link to the specified e-mail address. If you have set a security question in advance, you must answer it.
  • If you are asked for a SUPER PIN, use the highest security protection. However, if you do not have it (anymore), it is not possible for anyone to access the data for security reasons. To still be able to use your CGM LIFE ID, your account must be reset. Please note that this will result in the loss of all medical data. To do this, tap “I do not have a SUPER PIN or I forgot it”, enter your CGM LIFE ID (email address) and then tap “Continue”. CGM LIFE will send you an email. Finally, follow the instructions in the email for resetting your CGM LIFE ID.
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