2-05 How does the medical PDF export in mediteo m+ work?

25. March 2021

The medical device mediteo m+ is not available in each country and not in all languages.

In the daily schedule and diary, you have the option to export your intakes and measurements graphically or as a table via the “Export” icon at the top right. To do this, simply follow the questions in the app. The export automatically summarizes your data and intakes depending on the time period, so you or your doctor can get the following information at a glance:

  • History and trends of your measurements
  • Deviations from the target range or orientation range (for details, see “How does the target and orientation range work in mediteo m+?”)
  • Details such as intake status, intake time and dose for the individual intakes of your medications
  • In the monthly overview: adherence of your intake divided by medication

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