2-04 How do the goal and orientation area in mediteo m+ work?

25. March 2021

The medical device mediteo m+ is not available in each country and not in all languages.

In the Diary you have the option to specify target areas that will be displayed in the chart and PDF export.


  • Diary → Select measurement → Target range

We also provide our orientation ranges for blood pressure measurements based on your age specified in the profile and recommendations from European guidelines. To use these, open the Target range setting for blood pressure, and then check the “Use general range from med. guidelines” option.

Since there are more factors involved in determining the ideal blood pressure range, these guideline-based ranges may differ from the actual target range that applies to you. Blood pressure setting should always be individualized in collaboration with your physician. You can find more information in mediteo m+ if you have activated the orientation range by tapping on the banner above the blood pressure graph in the Diary.

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