1-08 How can I support mediteo and the development of the app?

12. July 2022

You can support mediteo and the development of the app by purchasing the medical device mediteo m+ (read more in section 2. mediteo m+) or by supporting mediteo by paying a lower amount monthly or as a one-time payment, thereby purchasing the dark mode for a certain period of time.

Become a mediteo supporter:

  • “More” → “Support mediteo” → then select the your support plan (monthly or one-time payment) and complete the process via your Play Store or App Store.

To stop supporting mediteo on a monthly basis:

  • 23iOS: Open the App Store → Account icon (top right) → “Subscriptions” → “mediteo” → switch or cancel the subscription here. Dark mode will remain available until the current period expires.

Please note that:

  • This option to support mediteo without the mediteo m+ subscription is so far only available on iOS devices.
  • mediteo m+ and the monthly subscription cannot be active at the same time for the supporter.
  • The duration of access to dark mode is based on the amount and type of support you select.
  • The duration of use of the dark mode in each case starts with the date of payment.
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