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Three easy steps to take your medication safely.

Mediteo-add medication

1) Search for medication in our database…

Tap on the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the medication page and enter the name of the medication in the search field. Then all you need to do is to select your medication from our comprehensive database!

… or add your medication using our integrated barcode scanner

Our integrated barcode scanner makes adding medication to the app even easier. Just scan either the PZN code on your medication’s packaging or the QR code of your ‘federal medication plan’ (Bundesmedikationsplan). Your medication will be automatically added to mediteo.

mediteo - search medication

mediteo - edit your therapy plan

2) Create your personal schedule

mediteo offers personalised medication schedules which can be tailored to your needs. Our snooze feature means you can postpone your reminder for the occasions when you can’t take your medication on time.

3) Track the medication you take

mediteo creates an intuitive to-do list for you based on the medication you need to take. You can assign icons to different drugs, and when you tick off a dose, you’re rewarded with a smiley and the dose turns green in the calendar view. Red dots in the calendar help keep track of missed or unconfirmed doses so you can keep on top of things.

More than just a pill reminder

mediteo - medication leaflet

Medical information in your pocket

mediteo gives you access to information about your medication every time you take it. This may contain information about side-effects and general symptoms. It means you can check important information quickly and easily in the app whenever you need it.

Duplication alerts

If you add two drugs that contain the same active ingredient, mediteo alerts you about a possible double dose and recommends that you get in touch with your doctor or pharmacist to clarify if that’s a potential risk.

mediteo - refill reminder

Refill reminders

mediteo also reminds you to restock your medication if you’re running low. Just enter how many pills you still have left and how far in advance you want to be reminded to restock your prescription. You can check how many pills you have left whenever you want. Like this you remember more easily to restock in time.

Integrated diary to track your measurements

Stay on top of your symptoms, moods and measurements with a digital diary. mediteo lets you record your weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and blood glucose level daily. You can also use it to monitor pain or mood swings, as well as oxygen saturation and peak flow. This helps you to keep better track of your health status.

mediteo - doctor appointments

Connection to doctors and pharmacies

Save your doctors and pharmacies easily in the mediteo app. This means that you always have the contact details and opening hours at your fingertips without having to search for them first. Enter your past doctor’s visits, as well as the upcoming appointments. So you will be reliably reminded of upcoming medical examinations!


No Compromise on Right to Privacy

No registration is necessary for the use of mediteo. Your data remains on your device and is backed up to the latest encryption standards so that no third-party apps can access that data. All data will only be transmitted in encrypted and anonymous form. Neither we nor our partners have access to your personal data and we can therefore assure you that your data will not be passed on to third parties. If you have any further questions on the subject of data protection, you can always contact us: [email protected] .


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